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Dental Practice Serving Charlotte, VT

Stephens Family dentistry proudly presents our dental practice serving Charlotte, VT. We are only 15 minutes away from Charlotte.
We offer professional dental services, such as bridges, dentures and dental emergency services.


Usually recommended when you are missing one or more teeth, which over time cause the remaining teeth to rotate and shift into empty spaces, resulting in a bad bite. Bridges span the gap between your remaining teeth, keeping the natural alignment of your teeth and restoring full usage.


Complete or partial dentures are designed to improve chewing ability and speech but also support facial muscles, and are recommended for patients who lost most or all of their teeth. While it may take some time to get used to your dentures, the benefits far outweigh the mild discomfort during the period of adjustment.

Dental Emergencies

While we advise that even the slightest of tooth pain be investigated, we understand that people have different pain thresholds. But if you find yourself with tooth pain for several days, we recommend giving us a call. The usual cause for tooth pain is tooth decay or even dental abscesses which need to be treated immediately to prevent further damage to your teeth.


To read more about our services, click here.  Feel free to contact us directly for any questions you may have.

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