Dental Emergency

We understand that everyone has a different threshold for pain. But if you’ve had a toothache that’s lasted several days or longer, it’s time to contact Stephens Family Dentistry. The pain could be the result of tooth decay, or worse, a dental abscess. We can put an end to the pain and help prevent your condition from getting worse.

Dr. Stephens will examine your teeth and at this point either a root canal or an extraction may be indicated. To save badly infected teeth a root canal must be done to remove infected tissue and disinfect the tooth. Following this procedure a crown can usually be placed and the tooth can return to normal function. When a tooth is decayed badly enough and is no longer restorable an extraction is required.

Following extraction there are many different restorative options including denturesimplants, and bridges.  Dr. Stephens handles much of these types of emergency procedures in his office so there is no need to be referred to a specialist and wait to have your needs met.

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