Dental Practice Serving Hinesburg, VT

Stephens Family dentistry proudly presents our dental practice location in Hinesburg, VT. We offer professional dental services, such as dental cleanings, sealants and root canals.

Dental Cleanings

Plaque and tartar deposits on your teeth over time, so a dental cleaning is recommended. Plaque covered teeth provide the best medium for bacteria to growth and eventually destroy your teeth. Our dentists use specialized instruments to remove plague and tartar, most commonly, ultrasonic instruments which remove plaque and tartar with ease.


The teeth in the back of our mouth are more susceptible to decay because of small grooves and pits existent in the teeth that help us chew our food more thoroughly. Sealants act as a barrier against bacteria, protecting your teeth by sealing away these fine grooves and pits. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to coat each tooth with sealant.

Root Canals

Teeth that are in advanced decay can sometimes be saved by performing a root canal. The procedure involves removing the nerve and pulp of the tooth, cleaning away the decay, and then sealing the tooth with a filling. Having a bad reputation as a painful procedure, most people in fact report that it does not hurt more than having a filling placed.


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