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Dental Practice Serving Huntington, VT

Stephens Family dentistry proudly presents our dental practice serving Huntington, VT. We are only 17 minutes away from Huntington.
We offer professional dental services, such as dental implants, extractions and dentures.

Dental Implants

Used to fix the alignment of your remaining natural teeth, or filling the gap left by an extracted tooth, dental implants are a great way to regain full chewing capabilities. The procedure is simple, involving a titanium anchor point that is inserted into the jaw and then adding artificial tooth on top.


Commonly used for severely decayed or crooked teeth (impacted), extractions are for the most part painless. We use local anesthetics that numb the jaw, gums and dental nerves and remove the decayed tooth without any pain, our patients feeling just a bit of pressure on the jaw at the very most.


A great way to boost your confidence and regain a beautiful smile, while also being practical, improving chewing ability. Dentures can be both full or partial, for patients that have lost most of their teeth. While it takes a while to get used to chewing or even speaking with dentures, the benefits are undeniable.


To read more about our services, click here.  Feel free to contact us directly for any questions you may have.

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