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Dental Practice Serving Williston, VT

Stephens Family dentistry proudly presents our dental practice serving Williston, VT. We are only 16 minutes away from Williston.
We offer professional dental services, such as root canals, dental cleanings and teeth whitening services.

Root Canals

The procedure is performed to save a severely decayed tooth. It involves removing the infected tissue, the pulp and nerve of the tooth, cleaning the decay and filling the tooth with ceramic or metal alloys that will restore your chewing ability.

Dental Cleanings

Over time your teeth accumulate tartar and plaque which forms a breeding ground for bacteria that will usually result in tooth decay, or even the loss of that tooth, which is almost always accompanied by severe tooth pain. We use an ultrasound machine that cleans tartar and plaque painlessly and provides you with a great and healthy smile.

Whitening Services.

Teeth can become stained over time from a variety of causes. Our teeth whitening services restore your teeth’s natural color and gives you an amazing smile to be proud of. The process is called dental bleaching, a non-intrusive procedure that removes stains and whitens your teeth.


To read more about our services, click here.  Feel free to contact us directly for any questions you may have.

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